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October 30, 2006

MySpace? Yawn . . .

Yesterday's Washington Post had a front-page story on the decline of MySpace's popularity among teens, noting their fickleness over favored online social sites:

It's hard to make an online audience stick. Most Internet services are free and compete for a viewer's time, which most sites then try to parlay into advertising dollars. The more time someone spends on a site, the more ads they see. The successful sites engender habits among their users, but users can -- and historically have -- defected to other services for any number of reasons.

The high school English class cites several reasons for backing off of MySpace: Creepy people proposition them. Teachers and parents monitor them. New, more alluring free services comes along, so they collectively jump ship.

Although the article focuses on marketing trends among teens and how they are hard to pinpoint, what we should really take notice of and encourage is this teen's take on the trends:

"Over time, people are going to get sick of talking to people on the computer," he said. "I just think people will want to spend more time with each other -- without the wall of technology."

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