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October 26, 2006

Medved on the Elections

Michael Medved has written an article called "Eight Reasons Conservatives Must Vote on November 7th" -- with a list that reminds us what is at stake in Iraq and on issues of national security, immigration, and the economy. For me, one of his most compelling reasons for why we need to vote has to do with the future of the judicial branch of our government. Here's what Medved has to say:

Whatever our complaints about other aspects of the Bush record, his judicial nominations have been incontestably superb--vastly better than his father's, than Nixon's, and even than Reagan's .... With one more nomination, the high court would enjoy a clear strict constructionist majority.... But sulking conservatives want to give up a once-in-a-lifetime chance to overrule Roe v. Wade and other examples of catastrophic judicial overreach because [they're] angry about Mark Foley's e-mails? And what about all the dozens of appellate and federal district court nominations that will come up in the next two years? These appointments will help to shape the federal judiciary for a generation, with incalculable impact long after any current complaints have been forgotten.

I've heard a lot of pollsters talk about which issues are influencing voters this election -- such as the war in Iraq or the debate over the best way to handle 11 million illegal immigrants living among us. However, the question of who will sit on the Supreme Court for the next twenty years is one I haven't heard mentioned at all. It will certainly influence my vote on November 7. How about you?

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That's a great reason, for sure. Also, the thought of Pelosi as House Speaker, Rangel in a top committee chairmanship, etc is also a major reason. We have the problem on the courts now due to Democratic leadership. Gay marriage & other social problems will arise with a Dem congress. Everyone, please vote!

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