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October 30, 2006

I am Mommy, hear me roar

I was looking over my son's college applications the other night and was startled to find instruction on the "family background" section of the Johns Hopkins application to identify one's parents as as either "Parent 1: Gender (Optional)" or "Parent 2: Gender (Optional)."

Well, excuse me, but I am NOT "Parent 1, Gender (Optional)." I am my son's mother. My husband is our son's father--facts recognized on every other application form my son filled out.

I know where this stuff is coming from: It's coming from the folks who insist that terms like "mother" and "father" are offensive to applicants who grew up with two "mothers" or two "fathers."  The Johns Hopkins application office is going along with the sophistry that it's actually possible to have two parents of the same sex. It's not.

It’s simple biology that no human being has ever been born except through the union of one man and one woman (or, in a small percentage of cases, between a union of their cells in a Petri dish), each of whom contributed 23 chromosomes. It’s silly to ignore the obvious, treating males and females as if they were interchangeable and fungible.

Refusing to label something what it is is not just a question of semantics. In this case, it denies an essential part of what it is to be human. Forcing mothers and fathers to identify themselves as a genderless “parent number one” or “parent number two” is the ultimate ideological exercise. It attempts to reinvent human beings in keeping with a philosophical agenda. But—as with Marxism—the re-inventors don’t recognize humans for what we are. When they run headlong into reality, the ideology crumbles—but usually not before doing a lot of damage. In the name of exquisite sensitivity to an extremely tiny fraction of all parents, the "parent number one" folks are trying to ignore biology and reinvent human nature.

In the short run, being called “Parent Number One” (or Two) is merely annoying. In the long run—well, there’s no predicting where bad thinking leads. It has a way of creating mischief in ways people least expect—such as irritating the mothers and fathers of potential Johns Hopkins students so much that they may decide to spend their $40,000 at schools that show them a little respect.

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Such a school would not be worth attending, and a poor stewardship of funds, and of a life. There -are- a few sound schools left, not many, but a few. And just because a school claims to be Christian does not mean that the teaching comes from a thorough-going Christian worldview foundation. Don't trust brochures or the typical Potemkin-village tactics. This calls for wisdom.

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