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October 26, 2006

’CNN’s Snuff Film’

In today's "BreakPoint" commentary, Mark Earley talks about CNN's recent broadcast of the terrorist sniper shooting of an American soldier. CNN claims it is simply showing the "unvarnished truth," to which Earley responds by asking if the network would then show the "unvarnished truth" of partial-birth abortion. Such a claim by CNN, of course, is disingenuous, for as Earley points out,

... British media critic Malcolm Muggeridge noted that “the one thing television can’t do is express ideas.” By translating life into an image, television “is falsifying life.”

Francis Schaeffer agreed. Far from offering truth, he said, “every television minute has been edited. The viewer does not see the event. He sees . . . an edited image of that event,” one that gives an illusion of objectivity and truth.

And as Christian philosopher Douglas Groothuis notes, with television, reality becomes the image, “whether or not that image corresponds to any objective state of affairs—and we are not challenged to engage in this analysis.”...

Read the whole commentary and come back here and share your thoughts.

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Excellent points made by Mark. The idea of showing a partial birth abortion is right on. However, I have to wonder if other forms of media are any different than TV? An image can be portrayed by both spoken and written words. Are these images any more objective?

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