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October 27, 2006

Allen, Webb, and AIRQUOTE Literature AIRQUOTE

Gina, you've prompted me to clarify for readers that I do NOT think those excerpts of Webb's books in whatever the context they're in are justifiable. As you say, as a parent, the mommy roar nearly left my lips (except I might freak out coworkers in the near vicinity) when I read those excerpts of Webb's AIRQUOTE writing AIRQUOTE. So I didn't mean to dismiss this particular episode as mere stuff of the past -- it certainly concerns me. But just the whole tone of all the ads lately has been more personal "guess-what-he-did/said" stuff, and less of the stuff that their job will actually deal with. (Although, yes, I understand and agree that the attitudes they take in will affect the job they actually deal with.) I'm just so ready for Election Day already so we can get back to commercials about cereal and soda...

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