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October 31, 2006

Alex Keaton is Absolutely Right . . .

. . . about this:

"Where was the outcry when in vitro fertilization was started twenty years ago? Because this has been going on for twenty years. Hundreds and thousands of these cells have been destroyed every year . . ."

What the writer of the article says about the problem in my Church . . .

The problem of in vitro for the pro-life movement has been an enormous stumbling block for the fight against embryo research and cloning, even from the Catholic front. Despite a definitive document from Rome dating to 1986, the Catholic Church has failed on the ground level to significantly oppose IVF. Most Catholics are not even aware that their Church opposes it

. . . is, if anything, even more pronounced in other Christian traditions, especially those who don't regard themselves as "Christian traditions," if you catch my drift.

While the glaring inconsistency doesn't justify additional violations of the sanctity of human life, Fox has earned a well-deserved Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Via Relapsed Catholic

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Katharine Eastvold

As I have written on my own blog, I think the morality of in vitro fertilization has been a particular problem for evangelicals and Catholics because of the plight of childless couples, with whom we all sympathize. The couples who use IVF are overwhelmingly wealthy, "nice" people, and so many of them are church-goers. Often, it is much easier to sympathize with them than with the stereotype of the woman who gets an abortion: poor, young, promiscuous, non-white, non-church-going... Many conservative Christians (even if subconsciously) envision women who have abortions as prostitutes or sluts; they envision people who opt for IVF as the nice, quiet people next door who just want to have a baby.

I think this is the same difficulty reflected in the difference between the number of people who are pro-life on abortion and the number who disapprove of embryonic stem cell research - the pro-ESCR lobby has done a great job of introducing us to very sympathetic people who would ostensibly benefit from the research (Michael J. Fox, Montel Williams, our own grandmothers, maybe ourselves...)

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