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September 27, 2006

What’s the Point?

I’m hopeful that many on-clickers are joining us today for the first time because you heard Chuck Colson on BreakPoint talk about the launch of this new venture. I’d love for you to know a reason or two why I think you should bookmark us, and make us part of your daily routine.

Culture is so close to us it is hard to really be aware of it sometimes. One of my grad-school professors described culture as water to a fish. It is something all around us. Something we move through, but completely take for granted.

I believe, however, that as Christians we need to develop more of an awareness of this air we breathe. Sometimes we need to know we’re breathing toxic air; and we need to get out of it. Sometimes we need to just appreciate this air is particularly sweet. We live in a culture that displays aspects of the fall and aspects of God’s common grace. Sometimes God speaks to us through the everyday events happening around us. Sometimes He calls us to be the ones speaking into those everyday events with His voice, His perspective. And sometimes He may be calling us to actually create culture. I believe this is a blog that does all of these. And, as a result, I hope it will be a blog that will sometimes challenge you, sometimes encourage you, sometimes make you want to spit, sometimes make you want to shout, “Amen!” and sometimes send you running out to do something.

But that leads me back to you. Together we're thinking about what it really means to bring a biblical worldview to every area of life, and how we live that out in our everyday praxis. We need you to be a part of this dialogue. And we hope that this is just the first stepping stone in developing a community space where Christians think, dream, reflect, engage, and interact…not so that we can simply think differently, but so we can spur each other on to act differently. Let us work together to understand how we practice the presence of God in every sphere of culture.

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Tony denBok

It's great to hear about this new blog. I recently started my own for the same reason - calling it Mars Hill for obvious reasons. As a pastor who is committed to engaging secular minds with the always relevant truths of the Gospel, allow me to say "thank you" for this new tool.

God Bless,

Tony denBok

Steven Eaton

I listen to Breakpoint almost daily and I'm glad that this blog is taking shape -good for you guys for starting this! I find myself challenged and even provoked by Chuck Colson's commentary. For what it's worth, I think that Christians need to get more involved in their communities and churches and help bring unity to the faith. Let's see Catholics & Protestants together unify behind the cross and not be afraid to show it!

Greg Laurich

I was thrilled to hear about this blog. I am very interesting in learning how to have good discussions with non believers in a way that won't make me look like a moron. As an artist I am in the vast majority as a Christian and a conservative. This is going to really help me out and God bless.


I think that BreakPoint is one of the best things going today. I rejected Christianity a few years ago, but Chuck Colson offers some exceptional arguments for the Christian faith. I am finding his clear and logical arguments for Christianity intriguing. I’ve been challenged by a man I’ve never met, and will probably never meet, to take another look at my belief system, or worldview as I’ve heard it called. Thanks.

William Dicks

I read through a whole bunch of the posts here since I just heard about The Point.

It really looks great!

I had a look at your blog roll and I read several of those blogs myself.

I am from South Africa and at my own blog I write about things that happen in South Africa and comment on it from a Christian Worldview.

Have a look and see if it is worth your while.

God bless!

Ron Smith aka ZamDad

I get the Breakpoint commentary at home and work by email everyday. Because I work out of three seperate offices in different locations, I can't always listen to Breakpoint. As a Christian and as a corrections professional I really appreciate Chuck Colson, Mark Early and the daily Breakpoint braodcasts. I find the information a helpful source in challenging my own thinking, challenging the thinking of the probationers I supervise, members of the community and Christians as a whole. I firmly believe that we, as Christians, need to be influencing the culture as opposed to being influenced by the culture. Breakpoint and Prison Fellowship do a great job of causing people to think about God, life, what they believe and why.

As a PO, I have also been blessed to work with the first graduate of the IFI program in Minnesota. This man came out of prison and has blessed our community in so many ways as he has impacted the lives of many others who have been struggling with life history's of wrong moral choices.

I look forward to using this blog as a means of being challenged in my continually growing walk with Christ as well as challenging other believers to grow and examine their worldview. I've been writing my own blog on another Christian site for a couple of years and I look forward to learning from this blog to improve my own.

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