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September 30, 2006

This is a joke, right? Right??

File this one under the heading of "Am I reading this correctly, or has the caffeine not kicked in yet?":

Michael C. Hall is the star of "Dexter," a fascinating new Sunday night Showtime series about a Miami lawman who moonlights as brutal serial killer, using the same barbarous tactics of those he is trying to catch. But this avenger is one who only choppity-chops the bad guys who have either outsmarted the legal system or are guilty but haven't been caught. . . .

We're not too sure yet how Dexter got the way he is but, luckily, his foster father, Harry (James Remar, the creepy onetime boyfriend of Samantha on "Sex and the City"), knew early on he was a natural-born killer. "Maybe we can do something to channel it -- use it for good," he tells his teenage son in one of many flashbacks.

So begins Dad's training of Dexter, which we come to know as the "Code of Harry." It includes: Don't go hunting after random individuals but rather those who have it comin', and make sure to "always cover your tracks."

The foster dad is one of many appealing supporting characters. . . .

More here, if you can stomach it.

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