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September 29, 2006

The Wrong Choice

But no surprise, given the UN's track record on human rights. According to the AP, South Korea Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon is favored to become the next UN Secretary-General. I don't know much about Ban, but given South Korea's silence and inaction -- indeed, their aiding and abetting -- regarding North Korea's horrendous human rights abuses, a South Korean leader is the wrong choice for the head of an agency that should be, but more often than not fails to be, an enforcer of human rights. Looks like they're just continuing with "business-as-usual."

What can we do? To start, why not go see a play? That is, Yoduk Story: A Musical. It is written by a North Korean defector who spent time in the "Dear Leader's" gulags. Read the website synopsis of the play:

There is a place called Yoduk Prison Camp in North Korea. It is the infamous concentration camp for the condemned in the Paradise of People. We present a great epic story of love, despair, and death in this modern-day Auschwitz in the Paradise of People, Kim Jong-il's Democratic People's Republic of Korea. (Based on true eyewitness testimonies)

It premieres in Bethesda, MD, at the Strathmore on Oct. 4-6 and in L.A. Oct. 19-22. If you can get to one of those shows, do so -- and bring a crowd with you. This is a great church/youth group outing too. Encourage theaters in your city to bring the play to their venue.

As Chuck notes in this coming Monday's BreakPoint commentary, the arts can "train the moral imagination" of the people. Think of the impact of Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin on the slave trade 150 years ago.

To learn more about the abuses in North Korea and how you can make a difference, visit the North Korea Freedom Coalition, of which Wilberforce Forum is a part, which also has flyers for Yoduk Story that you can distribute at your church and to your friends and neighbors.

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