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September 19, 2006

’Studio 60 on Pennsylvania Avenue’?

Jonah Goldberg at The Corner dissects Aaron Sorkin's latest offering. I took a brief look last night -- brief, because I can't stomach Sorkin's stuff for more than five minutes at a time. What bugged me about Studio 60 is precisely what bugged me about The West Wing: all the Very Important People Constantly Reminding Themselves and Us and Each Other that the Fate of the World Hangs On Their Every Move. Except when the show was about the White House, that was at least true up to a point. Not quite so much when we're behind the scenes at a sketch comedy show. Critics have remarked that Sorkin is skewering the television industry, and isn't that a great and disinterested and noble thing because he actually works in the television industry, and so forth. But when you've got that much reverence for what you're skewering, it loses its effect just a smidgen.

Part II: Ah, I didn't see this before. Jonah asked what kind of man would turn his back on his girlfriend for singing on The 700 Club. The answer, it seems, is . . . Aaron Sorkin. (Oddly enough, I thought of Kristin Chenoweth -- a brilliant singer and liberal Christian who has indeed sung on The 700 Club -- when Jonah first mentioned this plotline. But I didn't know that Sorkin had dated her, or dumped her, or was now skewering her on national TV along with the television industry.)

How noble can ya get, Aaron.

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