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September 26, 2006

Single Girl Blues

Following up on Gina's post, Sunday's Washington Post ran a humorous editorial on the pitiful male to female ratios in cities including D.C. The writer aptly pointed out that the numbers are even more dismal when you take into account only heterosexuals, to say nothing of the despair that sets in if one is hoping for an honest-to-God evangelical Christian. The fact that this shocks no single woman is evident in the new ABC drama Men in Trees, about a single New Yorker who moves to Alaska, kind of a Northern Exposure for Gen X.  Tellingly, one of the show's creators was previously a head writer on Sex in the City. I think, perhaps, that proves your point, Gina.

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I'm 23, and there is a dearth of eligible men already. Among my friends (21-30) who are single and want a decent Christian man, there is the constant rant about the lack of men our age in church, or even those with strong beliefs about God and how those beliefs apply to life.

How are immature Christians or lukewarm Christians supposed to be the "head of the household" if they are years behind the women they meet in terms of spiritual growth? What needs to be done to get 20-something men to church?


Re: single men in cities. The lady who wrote the Washington Post article said that she had tried so many ways to meet men. She talked about being on dates with so many different men. Doesn't that going against the very point that she was trying to make? Evidently there ARE lots of single men; just look at how many she claims to have dated! But they didn't, evidently, meet her standards. That seems to be the real issue. Are there a lack of GOOD men, or are her own standards skewed?


Dear 23, they are there, and they probably outnumber your group. But as long as you place externals, power and money ahead of character, you will continue to overlook them.


Dear Puzzled: Was there something in my post that led you to think I (or women my age in general )place "externals" above character?
Please don't blame all single women for the actions of one or two shallow ones...or you might overlook someone.

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