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September 28, 2006

Roberto on ’The Laissez-Faire Family’

Roberto has a thoughtful new article up at Boundless about the weakening of marriage and how it affects the marginalized:

As [James Q.] Wilson, quoting Myron Magnet's "The Dream and The Nightmare," put it, "when the haves remake a culture, the people who pay the price are the have-nots." What seems like small and subtle shifts to the "college-educated minority" (i.e., us) winds up devastating the vulnerable. . . .

Even more cruelly, the effects of our tinkering with marriage and family on the marginalized aren't limited to their current hardships. As the report documents, the "marriage gap" will make it harder for them and their kids to catch up with the better-off minority.

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Joe Whitchurch

To not see the growing culture of single moms with food stamp, housing, educational subsidies, and other incentives for staying single with children, and the flip side of dads without all the above and not infrequently in the criminal justice system as a result, is to miss a significant portion of how our legal system's no-fault defacto-endorsement of such is contributing to the destruction not only of family but of humanity. Ah but we wouldn't want any lawyers or judges or politicians (not infrequently one of the former) politicizing values issues and the family. That would be bad!

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