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September 27, 2006

Re: Mars Hill Church

Although I'm not sure that I'm the right guy to dip into "the Church beat," I do share Travis's concern with buying into the Salon piece on Mars Hill Church hook, line and sinker. So my thanks to the commenter who pointed us to Pastor Mark Driscoll's blog. Anyone who read the Salon article certainly ought to balance the perspective by reading what Driscoll has to say.  Honestly, I find myself impressed with his humility, and I think that most orthodox theologians would also think well of his church's positions on most matters. Perhaps Salon isn't the best source for objective reporting about the Church?

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Agreed. But I'd stop short of leaning too heavily on "the cussing preacher's" orthodoxy at this point. [see http://del.icio.us/url/9c959e685a25d26baf2472c7318ff51b re his (poor) understanding of sola scriptura, and his embrace of a creation gap.] He has a ways to go, and no doubt will get there with a little more seasoning of his salt & theology.

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