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September 30, 2006

Re: AIDS and UN Globotaxation

Some are apparently asking variations on this question: Why is there a post on the U.N. Globotaxation scheme in a blog based upon a Christian worldview? What does that have to do with anything?

Well, remembering that, over the past couple of weeks, we'd placed a number of posts on The Point about the need for Christians to continue fighting AIDS around the world, consider the following questions:

  1. Who is the more judicious and prudent steward of resources intended for those in need -- you or a gigantic, scandal-ridden bureaucracy?
  2. Who is likely to be more effective in using your funds to reach the suffering with help for both their temporal and eternal needs -- private Christian organizations like WorldVision and Compassion International or the United Nations, an organization so concerned about the welfare of Christians around the world that it routinely gave seats on the Human Rights Commission to thug states?
  3. If we are concerned about a U.S. culture continually shifting away from its Christian roots, does it seem prudent or imprudent to incrementally hand over governance power to an world body which sees little value in Judeo-Christian thought?

Commenter Phil Rispen gets it:

It is difficult to trust our own government, which is an elected body, (and in theory at least responsible to us) to use our money in a wise manner. How much less a body of leaders many of whom are little more than dictators themselves to use our money wisely. It would be very foolish to allow our government to follow this path.

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