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September 28, 2006

One Muslim at a Time

In the past few years, the Lord has allowed me to go on short term mission trips to several Muslim countries in West Africa. Last May and June, my daughter, Allison (another 2004 Centurion) and I were in one country (for safety reasons, I prefer not to name it) where we were able to teach English at a local university as well as visiting several villages that surrounded the city where we were staying. A few days ago, I had an email from the missionaries there who told us that in the past week, three Muslim men had come to know Jesus Christ as their savior -- including two in a village we visited and prayed walked. 

Aside from the obvious joy this should give us, to know that there are new members of the family of God, it's also a reminded that, ultimately, in this battle against Islamofascist-backed terrorism, there are still millions of "ordinary Muslims" around the world who need Jesus. God hasn't called me to go fight in Afghanistan and Iraq (hmmm, now there's an idea ... send all the grandmothers!!), but He has called all of us to be a part of the spiritual battle that, in the end, WILL end in victory, Christ's victory.

As many of you probably know, God is doing great things all over Africa as more and more people turn away from a religion that has brought them nothing but hopelessness, misery and poverty. Please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ over there; they are suffering tremendous persecution for the sake of the Name. Also pray about how God wants YOU to "see Him at work and join Him there" (as Henry Blackaby would say).

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