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September 25, 2006

If you’re a single woman . . .

. . . see if you can read this without snorting.

You mean that upstanding single men who are interested in marriage are exceedingly hard to find in a big city nowadays?? Why, heavens to Betsy, who would ever have thought it?

Mr. Derbyshire, incidentally, once tried to convince me in an e-mail conversation that the sexual revolution had had its good points. I wonder if there's any hope of his seeing any connection between it and this anecdote that has him so stunned.

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There are plenty of single, godly, upstanding evangelical men in this country. Perhaps most of them are in the red counties. I don't know.

I do know that most of them aren't in the top 2% in height, or the top 10% in wealth and looks, and so single women often don't 'see' them in the first place.


The point was not that "single, godly, upstanding evangelical men" don't exist; its that there are more single, godly upstanding evangelical women than men. Not good odds. I have yet to visit a church where the singles/college group has a remotely proportionate male/female ratio.


I would respectfully disagree with that "plenty" qualification and ask Puzzled how he "knows" they are there. Personal experience proves that to be incorrect. (Most of the "qualified" men I know are already married...which I guess disqualifies them automatically.)

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