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September 20, 2006

Answering Poverty

Thanks for the mention, Gina, of my AIDS article. (I was going to wait until the entire Sept. 2005 issue of BreakPoint WorldView, one of my favorite issues, was posted to highlight it.) Meanwhile, you can also read two perspectives on alleviating global poverty by Jenny Eaton Dyer of DATA and Gregory Thornbury of Union University (as the editor, I'll refrain from revealing which view appeals more to me, in the interest of being Switzerland...), as well as an article by Bob Lynn of Knox Prebyterian Church on domestic poverty and the Church. And to be posted later will be Anne Morse's article, "Want to Save the Environment? Have a Baby!" What a concept.

The issue of global poverty no doubt raises many, differing opinions -- as well as voices and blood pressures. What we should be able to agree on is that there is a problem that we need to address, and if you disagree with Dyer's view or with Thornbury's, the question is still begged: Then what should we do? (And if you don't think we should do anything, then we have another problem to address ... ) We should be thinking about answers to that question and offering sound proposals -- and taking action sooner than later. If you don't think those answers should come from the U.S.'s Millennium Challenge or the ONE Campaign, but rather only supporting ministries on the ground, let me recommend groups like International Aid. (I would support, rather than an either/or approach, a combination of actions -- after all, great as those small groups on the ground are, they can't affect the corruption in the governments of the nations in which they work; only other governments can tighten the noose and dangle the carrot to elicit change.) But don't just sit there in your pew -- do something.

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